Leduc to Fabyan (Aug 6, 2020)

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The navigator is fired!

After checking and double checking that we had everything right, we headed off on our second day of RV'ing. Lez had made a copy of today's route, but forgot to copy the turn by turn details. Long story short, we drove on two unintended roads which added slightly to our driving distance, but we did see some new roads and nice countryside. We arrived at our intended destination, Fabyan Campground, and promptly picked a nice site in the trees. That identified two problems. First, if a site is on too much of an angle, there is no way to level the Schooner. Second, the hitch in Chuck is just set too high. After unhitching the Schooner, it is already way to high at the front. Tomorrow we will lower the hitch by four inches. We moved to another part of the campground that was fairly level and set up for the night. It was so hot and muggy, we cooked hot dogs on the BBQ for supper. Later, we found Hobbes patiently waiting for the mouse, which appeared a couple of times from behind the register under the fridge. Patience! Hobbes will get it soon enough.

Lez quips - ok! I'll drive tomorrow!! :) I find the google maps are not descriptive enough. And if I want the details - the written section may be better, so we'll give that a try on our next trek. Or you need about 10 screen shots of the detailed map to keep flipping to. We could also set up the car's mapping system and hope it is up to date &/or detailed enough. More learning. More adventures!! That mouse is a wiley one - Hobbes' patience is incredible. A rainy day is predicted tomorrow, we'll check out a museum in Wainwright, do shopping chores.