Poking around Clear Lake village     [Aug 3, 2022]

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The beach, the flowers, the ice cream
Wasagaming Campground, Riding Mountain National Park, MB

Lee started into some photo editing first thing. We need to get the Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa published, so pitter patter let's get at 'er.

In the afternoon we drove into Clear Lake (less than one click away) and walked the beach and pier. It reminds us of Waskesiu. The National Park Visitor Centre is surrounded by beds of blooming flowers. Very, very nice. Lez needs a hand identifying them.

We had an evening BBQ and dove back into photos so we could publish to the website.

Flowers and flowers and more flowers.

This morning we awoke to a beautiful blue sky, minimal wind, minimal bugs and a feeling of "fresh". I do like this campground. There are a lot of wildflowers here - white, yellow, purple, blue, red, orange. We even saw a Golden Dragonfly land right in front of us on a tree leaf. A first for us! In the birding world, a first time viewing a particular bird is termed a "lifer" - I wonder if the same is true for dragonflies.

Hobbes wasn't really thrilled with being outside today. He wanted to go out, but once outside headed for the stairs to go back in. I wonder if this forest of trees was a deterrent. Obviously and fortunately he did not see the ground squirrel.

We met up with a great couple at the lake and chatted about so many similar experences. We gave them our travel card with our email etc, so hopefully they will give us a cyber shout at some point, if even just to say "Hi".

Steak on the tailgate Bar-B and a nice Syrah to go with it. A very laid back day. I even caught up on the Facebook posts!