Heading back onto the cultivated prairies     [Aug 4, 2022]

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The leaning tower of Oakburn
Lakeview Campground, Shoal Lake, MB

Lee likes these type of travel days - short and uneventful. We stop in Oakburn to take pictures of the grain elevator and its seriously leaning annex. A good winter wind should blow it down. We then stop by the Meat Man store to pick up some steaks, pepperoni sticks and bison ground. The owners agree - a wind will take that annex down soon.

We camp next to the lake in Shoal Lake. Lee is immediately taken by a beach and the water - it looks just like an old swimming hole. Really neat!

As we near our evening destination, we came across a grain elevator in the distance and of course we turn in to Oakburn MB and stop for photos. On the way to snap pics of a very derelict looking old elevator we pass by a small stand-alone business called The Meat Man. Having experienced that our local butchers usually have exactly the cuts we want we wandered in. Sure enough - a great selection of ready to munch on, or cook over the Bar-B. The tail-gate Q will be needed tonight!