To Riding Mountain National Park     [Aug 2, 2022]

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Surrounded by trembling aspen
Wasagaming Campground, Riding Mountain National Park, MB

Lee is looking forward to getting back to nature today. We take a two hour hop to Riding Mountain National Park. Just as we get there, the countryside changes from farmland to poplar/aspen forest. Our site is a well secluded pull through with only power. Tomorrow we explore.

Well that photo editing is going to be a bigger chore than I was expecting. There are a lot of good pictures, so doing a lot of comparing and picking THE one and deleting the not quite as standout photo. I made it through the photos from Foghat - a band that has been around for a very long time - and I never paid attention to the band but know their songs. LOL some old rocker I am, hey.

Last night's campground spot was very close to the Trans Canada, and my sleep was not the usual through the night. SO, at this not so normal bedtime of before 11 pm, I am calling it a day. Going through the photos brings back the great memories of the concerts. It may take a lot longer to clean them up, but what a weekend to relive.

We are camped at Riding Mountain National Park, and the wind is blowing the poplars right down to the low branches. Storm clouds threatened, but the skies have cleared. Familiar sound of prairie wind and no vehicles, rock songs in my head - I should sleep like a babe.

We've started planning finer details of our trek back into Sask - family and friends and yes, another outdoor concert to take in. Gotta love that Rock and Roll!