Back to Brandon     [Aug 1, 2022]

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Muggy Manitoba
Meadowlark Campground, Brandon MB

Lee agrees with Lez that this morning felt like a Monday morning at Le Mans. It's a campground in a farmer's field slowly emptying out of weekend campers. We took our time and left when more than half the others had already left.

It was a short hop back to Brandon to stock up on groceries, fuel up the truck and empty the waste tanks at the campground. Time to work on those weekend photos.

Reality brings us back to earth - a little lighter in the step as memorable moments keep popping up. Yes, it's over - time to go home. Or, in our case, start the journey back west and work our way out to Vancouver Island in October. Many more adventures, more friends to visit, maybe even more new friends to make! Shake the Lake - ohhhhhh - another concert coming up in Regina! Family and friends to visit too.

Now to knuckle down and cull through, delete, crop, sharpen up, highlight 872 photos. Yup.