We take way too many pictures     [Jul 24, 2022]

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Good thing we had a down day
Town and Country Campground, Navin MB

Lee planned that this would be a down day to rest up after a very late night (early morning) in Victoria Beach to see Streetheart. It turned out to be a good decision. He spent a good portion of the day sorting, tagging and indexing the previous two days of photos.

By the end of the evening, he had published right up to yesterday onto the website.

34 photos were chosen to highlight the day - from 126+ photos taken (a little fewer than many events). Yes, when photo recording a rock concert I have no maximum for photos - that one shot between the good smile and the quirky one is only a second apart - and one hates to only have the quirky one.

Tomorrow we hit the road again! More to explore, enjoy, record and share!