Canola in the air     [Jul 25, 2022]

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Wind farms in the canola fields
La Riviere Campground, La Riviere MB

Lee noted to Lez that we certainly are late risers, pack uppers and campground leavers. Today it was after 11 AM before we hit the road.

A lazy drive through the corn and canola fields of southern Manitoba. The churches and road signs indicate lots of French culture and Catholic religion. There is also a number of wind farms during the drive which suggests the region gets good winds.

We moored at a pretty and quiet campground in La Riviere on the banks of the Pembina River. Hobbes is impressed with the place.

Big grin - well we didn't actually drive through the corn and canola fields, but stayed respectfully (wisely) on the highway. Somewhat bouncy but the Schooner stayed pretty stable inside - I think we have successfully found the method to keep the cupboards closed, and contents contained inside. I was skeptical all would be in place.

Our stop for the night is a very peaceful campground, with few campers - all RV'ers. We are on the southern prairies of Manitoba - a beautiful countryside. Photos hardly capture the peaceful vast land.

We have a water connection and power, and a firepit. Unfortunately, as it got dark - we missed the campfire opportunity as a good lighting show and rainfall hit. We were all packed to take the computers to the office area and sit outside it and check email and do other WIFI stuff, but that rain kept us inside. Publishing will wait.