Music at Victoria Beach     [Jul 23, 2022]

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One more time, one time only
Town and Country Campground, Navin MB

Late in the day we drove to Victoria Beach to see Streetheart in concert for the first time in three years. Daryl had mentioned that Paul McNair was busy this weekend so they brought in Todd Kerns from Toque and Slash's band to replace Paul. He did so with one afternoon's rehearsal and had apparently learned the lyrics to all the set's songs.

Well, Todd was amazing. If this will be Todd's only appearance with Streetheart, then our 39th concert to see them will never be forgotten. The band blew the crowd away.

Well, this campground is a "green" in terms of a very satisfactory location. We have power, water and sewer connections. We knew we could leave Hobbes in comfort - with full dishes of food and water, of course. It is a comfortable driving distance to the concert venue.

Streetheart with musician Todd Kerns to cover for Paul McNair was a good fit. Todd plays in a band, Toque, and we have seen him perform and knew he would do justice to the Summer Winds music festival. Yes, Paul, we did miss you.

This was another wonderful evening with Streetheart, with the Bromantics starting the set. We were right up front, stage right, so the persepective of the photos highlighting from that angle. The long lens worked well to capture the other end of the stage. Howard Mandshein - Winnpeg radio icon introduced the band. Already excited to catch them "One More Time"!