Where the streets have only names     [Jul 20, 2022]

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Sally, where are you leading us to
Town and Country Campground, Navin MB

Lee says that we had a nice ride from Neepawa to just before Portage La Prairie. At that point we joined the Trans Canada Highway and it literally turned to crap. The highway and the first part of Winnipeg's Perimeter Highway (bypass) was a substantial mess. We eventually made it to the RV Park, topped off by a couple of clicks of gravel road just to finish it off.

We set up the Schooner and headed into Winnipeg to buy some Dutch dessert treats. Notwithstanding the fact that Winnipeg has rail tracks everywhere, Sally our navigation lady guided us through a maze of industrial streets only to find that the place is not open, and maybe not even a retail outlet. Off to the next one. We did manage to get some goodies at that one, but our thoughts turned to the quality of Dutch stores and roads (and absence of rail tracks) that we left behind in Edmonton.

Lez notes the road conditions were very bumpy and a sad reflection of our Trans Canada highway system. The Schooner was well tethered inside so no cupboards opened to spill anything, but tables and chairs and a few things were moved around. I had to do some straightening out before we could open the slides. Hobbes greeted us with very loud meows of displeasure from the ride. I don't blame him.

Our navigation system - Sally - was somewhat confused I think, as she took us through the smallest streets, kept trying to have us turn onto a road under construction/repair and literally had us going in circles. Note to selves - have a good idea of where you are going before you leave.

We are safe and sound in Town and Country campground, have goodies for a new adventure tomorrow, and just a whistle away from the CN mainline (train!). Oh yes, at 1 a.m. when it goes by it blows its horn. Actually it is one very busy rail line, hope we can sleep thru the other trains in the night.