Friends from the band, again     [Jul 21, 2022]

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Remembering Kenny Shields
Town and Country Campground, Navin MB

We spent a wonderful late afternoon and evening with Daryl and Kathy Gutheil. Daryl is the keyboard player in Streetheart and as such, was getting ready to play some more gigs with the band, including this coming Saturday when we will see the band play in Victoria Beach north of Winnipeg.

But tonight was reminiscing and chatting about life. We were joined by Bruce Jacobs and his fiance Jackie. Bruce is a former bass player for Streetheart.

And true to form, as we had done when they were around our dining table in Edmonton in 2017, we engaged Aaron in diagnosing a problem with a VW Jetta. Too funny.

We found a Dutch store! Well, we looked up where we could pick up some Dutch dessert goodies and proceeded to let Sally take us to the Bake Oven and we loaded up. Off to visit with Bruce aka Jake the former bass player we got to know with the band and his partner Jackie over at Daryl, the keyboardist, and Kathy's home. Daryl, if it hasn't been already noted is one of the founding members of Streetheart. He also played in Whitness with Kenny Shields and I watched them as a teen with my girlfriend on Saturdays in the summer in Regina at the YMCA sockhops (a long time ago). We were there to see Kenny Shields in Streetheart. Many years later Lee and I caught the band and have now become longstanding fans and friends. We do change travel plans if we know they will be performing close to the plan, and are right up front snapping more pictures and losing our hearing. It's "our" music.

It was truly a special evening to spend with them, one that will be a special memory of wonderful people.