Historic homes in Neepawa but no beer     [Jul 19, 2022]

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What, no growler fill-ups
Lions Campground, Neepawa MB

Lee took in a lazy morning knowing we had a short hop today. After a lazy breakfast we broke camp, stopped for some groceries and headed for Neepawa.

An interesting note on being parked for groceries. A train came by pulling a set of maybe 20 flat cars carrying pipe, one per car, of about ten meters in diameter. It was followed by about ten cars each carrying two what looked like connectors for the pipe. It was heading north which made us wonder if it was going to some mine site or hydro project up north.

Our first stop in Neepawa before docking was to fill our growlers at the local craft brewery. Huh They only sell in cans. Disappointing.

We spent an hour or so poking through Neepawa, which has some nice historic homes and art forms along the streets.

Woke up to rain this morning. It has helped cool things off. This is a well organized, beautiful campground - would recommend it to all.

As we left Dauphin, we passed the restored train station - looking very stately.

Our trip through McCreary and into Neepawa found a large metal sculpture of a Prairie Lily and several homes with "Barn Quilts" displayed. These are a piece of wood or sign board up to 8 ft square that is painted in a quilt block pattern. Quilt blocks have names that represent places, themes, often a series will tell a story. The barn quilt blocks will have meaning to the maker and there is often a story to go with it.