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So many broken backed buildings
Vermillion Campground, Dauphin MB

Lee notes that it was a short hop to Dauphin along Highway 10, which resembled the Hanson Lake Road in some places. We stopped for lunch in Ethelbert because it has a grain elevator, not to mention a nice onion domed church with a separate bell tower housing three large bells.

Overnight will be in Dauphin's Vermillion Campground. It has the largest, mature trees Lee has seen in a campground for quite a while. It's also very quiet with no neighbours nearby, so Hobbes has the run of a very large grass field.

Lez notes: those large mature trees offered a bit of shade on the Schooner which helped the A/C with keeping us cool -ish once we docked!

As we progressed further south today, the rock croppings and formations began to disappear and more agricultural land appeared. Crops of Canola in full yellow bloom, fewer coniferous trees. The ditches are filled with white, yellow, purple-blue and lily orange flowers. Our speed along the roads were too fast to catch the colourful patches and stopping in the middle of the highway not recommended! LOL Pulling the Schooner is not a stop-on-a-dime situation every time I wish to snap a photo.

The skies today a clear blue - a beautiful ride. The big annoying flies soon disappeared, and we only had to deal with pesky mosquitoes. Bug spray a very big help.

There a lot of little bridges along HWY 10 that go over small creeks and rivers and water levels are high. Several of those bridges have undergone recent repair. That and fresh land slumping along riverbanks indicate that the water had been much higher this spring.

Now, we will not discuss the hop-along-highway. Fortunately the Schooner insides were well tethered.