Rocks, trees and farmland     [Jul 17, 2022]

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Flies are here today, gone later today
Green Acres Campground, Swan River MB

Lee observes that we seemed to travel from Canadian Shield to Boreal Forest to prairie farmland all in one day. We went from humongous black flies and mosquitoes to no flies and barely a mosquito. That's fine with him. It is however a long lonely highway with only an occasional vehicle, even less communities and endless panoramas of forest and an occasional lake (some are big - Lake Winnipegosis for example).

And the bonus is that the price of gas kept dropping the further south we got.

Green Acres is a quiet little campground south of downtown Swan River, affordable and with full hookups.

Yes, a storm did cool off things in the night. Some thunder, nothing wall shaking. (We have had those).

We have moved on through the land of biting bugs and are settled in Green Acres campground near Swan River. The bugs have bugged off - or maybe those healthy Dragon Flies have taked care of them. The heat is still with us, but with power we are able to run the A/C and remain comfortable in the Schooner. Skies are clear at 8:30, hoping for some Northern Lights, but it doesn't appear likely according to Aurora Watch.

We are sitting down with the maps, attractions and campgrounds tonight to plan our route to be in Winnipeg on Thursday.