Not the best of places to camp     [Jul 16, 2022]

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No Power, no air conditioning
Clearwater Lake Campground, MB

Lee says it's high time we left Flin Flon and explore some more of fly-infested Manitoba. The black flies are horrendous in Flin Flon and seemed to get worse as we got to our next stop which was Clearwater Lake Campground north of The Pas.

The strangest of campgrounds, Lee decided. It turns out that the check-in for this campground is at their other campground which is about 20 clicks further back on the highway. After Lee figured out his confusion between site 5 and 25, we moored the Schooner. At this point we learn that the power has gone off in the entire area.

The fridge in on propane, the lights are on the batteries (which are being charged from the solar panels on the roof) and the roof vents are open and fans are running. But we are somewhat warm. And so is Hobbes. And we have no internet so we cannot communicate with people about our upcoming travel plans.

You guessed it. We took the 21st century approach and drove into The Pas in an air conditioned truck that was providing both 12V and 120V power to cell phones and laptops. After a quick meal, we stayed in the McDonalds parking lot for more than half an hour. We accessed the internet, uploaded email, confirmed an evening with the Streetheart members and found a campground for tomorrow.

Broken record here. Our Chuck the truck is GREAT!

And no WIFI/Internet because the power is out. The campground staff anticipated 3:30pm ish return to normal. At 6:30pm we were in The Pas in the parking lot of the McD's so we could use our cell phones and the power of the truck to check emails, messages and phone calls. And yes, we supported their service by buying dinner there.

We were able to connect with Kathy G and have arranged to be able to meet up with some of the Streetheart members later in the week. More adventures!

Soooo what does Clearwater Lake Campground offer Camping - true camping. No water connection, no electronics. Enjoy the bar-b-que, the lake, the black flies, mosquitoes and horse/deer flies. Correspondence to the outside world is not going to happen here. We stayed cool as we could as the Schooner does have the fans blowing, and enjoyed an afternoon nap after checking out the lake and cooling off and letting the fans move air thru the RV. It was still warm inside and buggy outside hence the trip in to The Pas.

Threatening skies around - may see some rain tonight Can't check the weather forcast - gotta do the look to the skies prediction. No wind at all in the trees here. No breeze - yet. Will no doubt sleep like logs again. It is such a comfy home.