Trains, power toboggans and lots of rocks     [Jul 15, 2022]

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Air conditioning to the rescue
Flin Flon Campground, MB

Lee says it was a mighty warm day today. We headed out after brunch and saw a few sites and the local museum. Some interesting train and mine equipment. Flin Flon is built on rocks. That is evident when you notice that some of the old houses still have their utility connections (water, sewer) through a wooden casing that stretches from the house to a local connection. It's not possible to bury that stuff in these rocks.

We brought in supper and are bringing our Flin Flon visit to a close. Heading south tomorrow to start the journey to Winnipeg, a Streetheart concert, a visit with the band members and whatever else we may come upon.

This is the hottest week this season! That and the buggiest LOL if there is such a word. It appears that I had a very angry mosquito take out its frustrations by biting me in the middle of my back several times. Just in the spot I can't reach! I feel like a bear looking for a tree trunk to scratch LOL.

The museum is a small one, but does share the history of Flin Flon. Very quiet area. Truly interesting how the homes are built on and around the rock. There is hardly any soil naturally visible. I believe one golf course exists. Any flower gardens were in containers.

A very quiet day for us, saving the energy for a couple of concerts coming up in Winnipeg area. Catching up on photo edits tonight.