The Schooner gets a face wash     [Jul 14, 2022]

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Caught between a rock and a hard place
Flin Flon Campground, MB

Lee starts out by hauling out the ladder, mop and pail to wash the front of the Schooner. It currently has a rich evidence of a variety of bugs from across Western Canada. Some hard scrubbing and the Schooner soon looks much better.

When we arrived yesterday Lee found it strange that the power source in the site was being used by the neighbour. They were also using the power source on their own site. For the night, Lee stretched our cable to the next site over and used that source. However, it is only 30 amp and there are a couple of hot (plus 30c) days coming where we will need to use our air conditioner. That requires 50 amp power. So, Lee enquires at the campground office about the situation. The nice young lady explains that she is the daughter of the people using our power source and her mother is getting ready for some cooking event and needs lots of power for her cooking equipment. She says she will talk to her mother.

What happens next is kind of scary. The lady next door comes back to her unit, is enraged, says she has an arrangement with the campground to use the power since she arrived on the May long weekend. She angrily yanks her cord out of the power outlet still angrily mumbling that we have ruined her work and that SHE WILL BE BACK. Wow! Lee goes back to the office where the daughter explains that mom is under a lot of stress and gets that way sometimes. I tell her we are happy to move to another site, but there are none available due to an upcoming wedding. No resolution and no other campground for quite a distance. Lee heads back to our site where he is confronted by a couple of other men that have been hanging around the site next door. Lee tries to explain that we were given this site, didn't know about mom's cooking business and cannot find a place to move to. They leave with a resounding spinning of tires and clouds of dust. A rock and a hard place. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

We are definitely not letting Hobbes out on his own at this campground.

The Schooner is looking spiffy again! We did have roads more gravelled over the past few days - also roads rained on - so mud splashes on the RV were cleaned up. We did take Chuck through a car wash!

I finally sat down with the sewing machine and did some clothing repairs/fixes to make them wearable for the rest of the summer at least! Got the CD player spinning Fleetwood Mac as I am now playing a solitaire set of games. Kinda got behind on my mindless games. My version of a mindless novel.

It was 31C today, not a cloud in the sky and barely a breeze. Thanks to an angry neighbour giving up our power supply, we were able to use the power we are paying for and have kept all our fans going. Trying to avoid the A/C but tomorrow is going to be another scorcher here. We do plan to stay one more night. There is a historical museum here I would like to see. I also need to prep more catfood for Hobbes, as I have a mix of food that adds extra nutrition for aging cats. Oh he is spoiled! But we need the fridge cold - so I hope we have seen the last of the Power Plug Wars.

Time to check out new campgrounds. We are over 800 days in the Schooner! Coffee time! It's 10:45 and the sun has just dropped below the horizon. I missed the SUPER Moon last evening. Did anyone catch it