End of the road     [Jul 13, 2022]

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We got cell service at last
Flin Flon Campground, MB

Lee says - so that was the Hanson Lake Road! We are on Roads Less Gravelled across Canada and we want to see every paved road, including the Hanson Lake Road. We were in the north country for 327 km and maybe five significant side roads and highways.

It is the boreal forest and the Canadian Shield. And there is a beauty, not just in trees and rocks. At Jan Lake we experienced a multitude of bird life. Early this morning, Lee went for sunrise photos (not remarkable this time) and he was dive bombed by a flock of Bonaparte's gulls. All the while, the loons were making noise on the lake and the blackbirds (not crows) were looking for food on the ground in around our truck.

After a short hop on a bumpy road we landed in Flin Flon and settled in for the day. Time to publish the last few (non internet) days of adventure.

Lez notes: The joy of working on the blog separate from being online, and self publishing. It was interesting how many times I wanted to look up a reference, or send a quick note - phone or computer to someone. The WIFI service we are used to is only available, touch and go, at the cornerstore/cafe.

We enjoyed the fresh outdoors walking along the shore of Jan Lake and took a couple of late afternoon pics - but nothing like the spectacular sunset photos Lee took last night!

I hate to be so dependant upon the internet, but what a relief today to connect with family and friends! We were able to watch a video interview from a couple of days ago - Streetheart band member Jeff Neill was interviewed. A super great interview by Kelly Barrett, Etctera Live Productions and lots of good memories of their 39 concerts we've enjoyed. Looking forward to connecting with the boys later this month.

I did remember to take a pic or two of the Schooner after the roads from Jan Lake SK to Flin Flon MB. Yes, mostly ashphalt. Enough of a jiggle of a ride, we got an earful from Hobbes who remained in his basket for the ride.