Horse flies think we are horses     [Jul 12, 2022]

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Corrugated Corridor
Jan Lake Campground, SK

Lee notes that the Little Bear Lake campground rating went from green to yellow as the sun rose in the east. He was not able to find the campground operator to get a password so no internet access. And, getting out of the campground was tight.

So then we drove another 180 km to Jan Lake. In some stretches, the pavement was terrible. There were literally red warning flags (bad road condition ahead) every few hundred meters. The crack patching was so prevalent that there were times we thought we were driving on a corregated road. We stopped halfway, consoled Hobbes, and pushed everything more or less back into place in the Schooner. And then we did it again when we arrived in Jan Lake.

OK, so you've heard of the north country flies It's all true. We went from mosquitoes at LIttle Bear Lake to black flies on the highway to horse flies in the Jan Lake Campground. I remarked to the camp operator about the large flies and he replied 'You should have seen them last year'. OK then.

What a slap happy start to the day. Mosquito haven - northern boreal forest, beautiful trees and lakes and flowers and the greeting crew of Mosquitoes! We were done breakfast before 6:30 a.m. Yes, if you know me you know there is only one 6 o'clock in my day. Grumpy mom - lookout world. There is no cell service even at the entrance shelter where two satellite dishes are placed. Unable to let our family know we are settled in ok, or share our blog of yesterday. A single night stop for sure. We will "bug out" in another half hour, Jan Lake today's destination!

One of these days I will remember to take the camera in hand when we stop after a corrugated road - not always gravel! - and show you what the inside of the Schooner looks like after travelling some of the prairie highways we take to get to these campgrounds we are staying in. These roads are dearly in need of re-paving and are not fit for RV's. The long thin road crossing strips of pavement patches sent a thudly beat thru the truck and gave the Schooner the Trippy Shake Shake. Today was very interesting as the back chest drawers were all open, and Lee's desk was aways away ( a technical term for a cavernous distance) from the wall and several items that have safely travelled the past 3 years on that table were on the floor. Shoe rack pins came out too and shoes had been doing happy dances without our feet. The Schooner insides reminded me of a few highschool after party scenes.

Lez adds: A question I have of the campground roadways signage decision makers - is there a reason for not putting an Exit arrow or directional word with an arrow at the T-intersections within campgrounds. Leaving Jan Lake today could have taken us on a trip without leaving! Fortunately correct guesses were made. Yes one more grumpy - since coin operated phones/courtesy phones are no longer available in remote areas (aka land lines), could we please have cell service! In case of emergency - one could be screwed.

I am thankful though - we arrived safely and intact - and the horse flies are not biting. And the camp operators are friendly and campers ready to share their adventures of summer travel and camping. The sun is setting with a golden tone tonight.