No cell service, no problem     [Jul 11, 2022]

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Mile 0 and onwards
Little Bear Lake Campground, SK

Lee notes that he has not been on the Hanson Lake Road since 1964 with the Boy Scouts. So this morning, he passed mile 0 in Smeaton to travel that road once more.

We stopped for the night at Little Bear Lake Campground. It appears to be largely occupied by weekend campers who leave their RVs and boats here during the week. It is very quiet. And, there is no cell service so we are forced to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Beer and a blog. We have just finished an instant pot of leftover BBQ ribs and corn on the cob. The last of the Growler (craft beer) was finished off too. Now to catch up on the comments of the day. We are in a campsite with no WIFI! One does not realize how much we reply on our cell phones - not just for communicating with folk, but even for our internet service as I wanted to reference the "net" for info.

Roads less gravelled - ah well, we started out on gravel today - no choice! It was dusty, and a few stones hit as we were passed, but we are unscarred. However, there was a bit of rain, and Chuck does have mud on him again.

The skies captured my attention today. We had whispy cirrus clouds to thunderheads as the day progressed and we headed further north and east into Saskatchewan. Weather was at a total mix of sun, a touch of rain, dark storm threatening clouds. The sun was out for our docking in Little Bear Lake Campground, a very nice campground, with lots of forest privacy between sites. Hobbes wandered out too, but settled under the Schooner where he could watch the goings on. He is dad's shadow, as Lee headed to the water stand. Each site has only power - which is wonderful to at least be able to keep the computers and cell phones charged.

Lee has done a lot of driving over the past couple of days, so today a good afternoon snooze was enjoyed by all three of us.