Sit and smell the warm prairie air     [Jul 3, 2022]

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Lazing in the sunshine
Frenchman Butte Heritage RV Park

Lee decides its time to clean the roof vents. The sun is shining, so, why not climb on the roof of the Schooner and do some cleaning. Now I know how roofers feel on the job on a hot day. But, it got done.

Good morning SUNSHINE!

It was a chore day inside too, which included making another batch of canning food for Hobbes. Out comes the food processor, several tins of cat food and a tin of pumpkin. This all in aid of keeping his aging body "moving" without issue.

Hobbes sleeps a lot, and we find now that when we let him out of the RV - to be watched constantly, his routine is to duck under the RV, scan the world and then wander in the opposite direction we are in. LOL. He is only on his own (without leash) when we are certain there are no birds of prey circling (they move fast!) nor any traffic, nor any other pets around. He sniffs the air, eats some grass, and gets tired of being carried back if he wanders what we feel is too far. Then he comes in, gets some treats and promptly finds a place inside to lay down and sleep. And snore.

Our fans are clean, wet cleaning cloths dry in the hot afternoon sun. Too hot for Hobbes. The Schooner remained comfortably cool and he stayed inside. We enjoyed the lawn chairs to bring a close to our day.