Music at the Legion     [Jul 2, 2022]

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The more people we meet the smaller Frenchman Butte gets
Frenchman Butte Heritage RV Park

Lee enjoyed all the conversations with locals today. It seems he has met all 52 (or is it 54) residents of the hamlet. We started out thinking there were about 100 residents, but that dropped throughout the day as we learned more. By the time we got to the late stages of the music at the Legion it was down to almost 50. It's a small place and growing is not easy in this day and age.

We toured the museum which is comprised of seven buildings. There were a lot of memories for Lee from his days on Alf Poulter's farm. As it turned out, we discovered that our Schooner in the RV park is parked more or less where the two Frenchman Butte grain elevators were originally located. Take a look at the old photo in the pictures to the right. The grain elevators were located at the end of the RV park and our Schooner is parked more or less at the end of the line of train cars.

The highlight of the night was one Kathy, about 70 years old, who just could not stop dancing. It didn't matter the song, she was up there.

One of those days that will have memories and stories forever. We are in the Frenchman Butte area, visiting the Frenchman Butte Museum - which includes the former train station. The guided tour was given by a very informative young lady, Danny. This is her summer job and she really knows her details. Lee and I shared a few details too, as we have been through many of these historic prairie sights. Although much is the same in these museums, there is always the local touches that make each one special. So many photos, so much history, much of it can be found on the internet - so I'll leave that to you to research should you need more details of the many photos we took.

We ended our day at the local Frenchman Creek Legion, meeting up with a few folk we have met during our elongated stay (it was only going to be one night). Our conversations were endless and we had so much in common because of our earlier days spending time with farming and ranching friends in Saskatchewan. A two person band provided the dancing music and after awhile we were on the dance floor too - and I don't even remember the names of the dance partners! We felt very welcome and at home in the crowd.