Almost saw the Frenchman Butte Museum     [Jul 1, 2022]

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Chatting with the locals
Frenchman Butte Heritage RV Park

After noon, we decided to walk next door to the museum to look over their collection. We went to register at the Tea House, whereupon we stayed for the next four hours or so, talking to the locals. The place was full, with some folks having come all the way from Marwayne, Alberta. A truly wonderful afternoon of rural hospitality.

We finished the day with a firepit after supper, enjoying hot chocolate and watching the flames until there were only small embers. We went in while there was still some light. It was already 11 PM.

When we walked into the Tea House, it was packed! We found a spot for the two of us, and were then joined by others, introducing themselves and striking up conversations like we were all neighbours.

There was a book signing by Carol Light, a local historian who published Crossing the River - A Cable Ferry History, an account of the cable ferries from 1880's to 1896. With extensive research and the the help of Hazel (Sidwell) Rieser (1932-2022) information and the stories about the ferries and crossings of the western prairies are preserved. Yes, we bought the book. I look forward to sitting by a fireplace one winter and reading it from cover to cover. We have crossed rivers on a few of those ferries.

Eventually we moved over to a larger table and I ended up sitting with another quilter! Oh yes, she was even aware of Quilts of Valour! More people joined and others moved on as the day whizzed on by. It felt like we knew all the people there! It was a cozy, at home gathering of people who all felt like old friends by the time we left.

I had the instant pot cooking up a chili dinner that will be dinner tomorrow too. One cannot make just a little chili.