Roads less gravelled, roads barely paved     [Jun 30, 2022]

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Brokeback on the prairies
Frenchman Butte Heritage RV Park

Lee enjoys the drive across east central Alberta. It is so green at this time of year. Peaceful small towns and lots of memories from years gone by. We saw quite a few buildings with broken backs or collapsed on one end. If only they could speak and recount their lifes' stories.

Frenchman Butte is a curious hamlet. After mooring in the small RV park next to the museum, we were visited by three different people, all somewhat connected to the museum. I guess they really want us to visit it. One of them is Rudy, who pointed out that due to the lay of the land in Frenchman Butte, it has a downtown, a midtown and an uptown. Sounds pretty urban, big city. But, there is no store and no gas station. Just a post office. Curious all the same.

Tethered up and on the road again - heading to Saskatchewan - the northern prairies for the next bit. Tonight's destination is Frenchman Butte Heritage RV Park in Saskatchewan. Frenchman Butte is an organized hamlet.

This was a perfect weather travelling day, cool, sun and fluffy clouds. Roads certainly less gravelled but not smooth sailing. Given our now slippery floors - lino planking instead of carpet, we faired very well with minimal shifting of chairs and table, and only one cupboard opened in the kitchen counter under the sink.

Our campground, has one other occupant tonight, leaving eight full service sites and four electrical sites empty. Maybe it will be full by tomorrow evening as it is Canada Day. Our walk about this evening had us annoying a little wren (I think) as we stood and watched her berate us with her chirps. We stepped back and she moved forward to feed the little ones in a nest in the old fashioned Esso gas pump we were standing beside! Oops - sorry.