In the shadow of the elevator     [Jul 4, 2022]

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Spiritwood mosquito fest
Spiritwood Lions Campground

We head out early from Frenchman Butte (10 AM is early for us). We spot an elevator in St. Walburg and head into town. As Lez takes pictures, a resident approaches Lee in the truck wondering if we are lost. A nice conversation occurs talking about the other elevator recently torn down, the cost of doing so and about wintering in Osoyoos BC. Small town folks are always friendly and always curious.

Lee picks a spot in Spiritwood SK to overnight on our journey to Bob and Leona Kelly's place north of Prince Albert. 15 amp power and water in a soggy row of RV sites. They must have had a good bunch of rain here recently. He decides not to even disconnect from Chuck or to put out stabilizers for the night, It will be a quick get-away in the morning, after gassing up. Mosquitoes galore!

The bonus is that for the first time on our journey we are camped right next to the grain elevator. Photos taken right from our site!

One of those days that will not have a lot of exciting memories, but that's OK! We need to slow down a little LOL. We had some rain in the afternoon, and given the dark clouds out east may have a bit more tonight. We are on true flat prairie - in the shadow of a large and operating grain elevator and the land is flat and grassy - some trees in the distance. There are only two of us camping in Spiritwood Lions RV Campground. As most of the Lions campgrounds are, the baseball diamonds, fields and stands are beside the RV park. We found in other Lions RV parks during the spring (before the kids are out of school and families are travelling) the ball parks are busy with lots of cars parked, people enjoying the evenings playing or cheering on the ball games. Some camping over a tournament weekend. Prairie folk are quite used to travelling long distances for such events.

All is still out here this weekend. We have power and water so are quite comfy here - except for the mosquitoes! That can of OFF was put to good use finally! As I look out to the east one this evening the dark clouds are getting darker. Good thing Lee has already put away the BBQ.

Yes, days are getting shorter and the orange bands of sunset cut through the clouds along the western horizon. It is a prairie sunset beauty. And THEN the sun breaks through and a photo hardly does the sunset justice!