Macarena madness     [Jun 18, 2022]

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Guys 'round the firepit
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee came along to the Macarena 'meeting' like all the other husbands over to DiPalma's acreage. We had a great time discussing life, enjoying adult beverages and stoking the firepit. At one point a deer wandered by at the far end of their acreage.

We had great food and the ladies presented us with a 70-50 cake to celebrate Lez's birthday and our anniversary. They are truly a great bunch of true friends.

About 40 years ago, in a new neighbourhood filled with new moms, a babysitting cooperative was formed among the moms in La Perle community. The concept was to have business card size coupons worth a half hour of babysitting. There was no formal society, as such, but you needed the coupons to "pay" a mom for babysitting your child. One card for one half hour for one child. The co-op held meetings, to meet and allow the moms to get together and get to know each other. A roster of members was prepared, and when you needed a sitter - you just phoned from the list. If you were running low on coupons that meant it was time you did some babysitting - and get the word out!

Well, those children have grown up - and some of us ladies have become very good friends and 12 call ourselves the Macarena, and continue to support each other and gather as often as possible. Covid (and the travels we are doing) put a damper on the monthly gatherings us ladies were enjoying.

So tonight most of the group was able to connect at Patricia's with our hubbies and spent a wonderful evening of celebrating our 50th Anniversary. So many memories and stories from the past, so much catching up on what people are doing these days. Most of us have retired, several are travelling and-or enjoying grandchildren.