We celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary     [Jun 17, 2022]

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Family fiftieth fun
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee agrees with Lez that it does not feel like we have been married 50 years.

We had a wonderful time connecting with many people via our all-day Zoom session. Relatives from the Netherlands and Hawaii, friends in Regina, Parksville and Edmonton. Even some good friends who are currently in Namibia.

And all the while, we helped Alec by wiring the basement with two new circuits and a bunch of plugs.

A great day from start to finish.

Yes, as all marriages there are many challenges along the way - and we have come through them and are enjoying the adventures our life is bringing us. Our boys are doing well, their partners are a wonderful part of our world. Spending the day using the Zoom session, as Lee noted, we spoke face-to-face via the internet to friends and family all over the world. It was the best way to connect. No travel, and yet catch up on life with so many people. The screen shot photos from Friday's ZOOM session were saved and it looks like we had 15 visiting sessions. A total of 28 people connected with us today. Kathy and Dwayne from Namibia. From the Netherlands we chatted with Hanneke, Tante Riet and Oom Kees, Henriette, Tom-Peter and Wendy, we could see Oom Adri trying to join, but he didn't make it through. From Hawaii Karin and Marlin chimed in, at the same time as Erika in Texas and Piet and Marg from Katepwa Lake, east of Regina. Also from Regina was my sister Fran and hubby Lloyd. Dave and Judy were in Phoenix area and chimed, Barb and Ted connected from a campground in Peace River, Pat and Ria connected from Kelowna. Fellow rock and rollers Ford and Lori, Ted H, Terry and cousin Lynda all from Edmonton area. Greg and Janice out their cottage at Lac Ste Anne.

After the Zoom session, Lee and I cooked up dinner for the six of us

It was a SUPER day! Thank you Alec and Mimi for letting us take over your place for our communication purposes. Thank you Aaron and Chris too for gettng pulled back into the living room to meet another friend or relative!

It will be a day to remember.