Clear cutting on Ordze Crescent     [Jun 19, 2022]

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Old friends and old growth
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee agrees that mature trees are worth keeping and mowing down a large stand of them to 'improve' an acreage is disappointing. That was the case today by one of the neighbours where we are staying. The owners cleared more than 25 trees. It's too bad.

Later in the afternoon we had a visit from Brian and Wendy Farwell who we had not seen in many years. They were out from Victoria and stopped in while touring some of his old haunts in Sherwood Park.

We had visitors this afternoon from former business partner Brian and his wife Wendy. We have not connected for many years and it was great to visit. In the past we have spent times sailing together! We even took our children on one of those trips. Good memories.