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Snap together, they say
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

So, Lee pretty much finished the laminate flooring in the main living area today. The product is a vinyl laminate planking system that snaps and locks together. Sure. Locks nicely on the sides - not so much on the ends. But he persisted. After all, it's only an RV.

What a day of laughter. Ev, long-standing girlfriend and co-worker from Earthly Goods quilt shop days hosts the weekly sew day in the highrise condo she lives in. The ladies who gather in the social room all live in the same highrise condo and spend one day a week sewing, quilting or knitting. They are quite the special group. Most are either spouses of veterans, or are veterans themselves. Like Ev they have lived all over Canada, some posted overseas over the years. They are a generation ahead of Ev and I and filled with stories, experiences, raising kids, and life in general. The instant friendship that comes with crafting together has made it easy to fit right in! The encouragement, the sharing of disaster projects and of the great successes fills the room all day.

They all live in the condo highrise and even though it has been over a year since I last joined them, it could have been just last week that I sat at a sewing table with them. As we sew in their social room which opens out to the foyer, residents are constantly popping their heads into the room to see what we are up to. It all adds up to a "recharge" day, and sends me off with a smile in my heart. Life is all about the people in it.