Buying baseboards, we must be close to the end     [Jun 13, 2022]

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Lez tries her hand at staining a wood project
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee concentrates on fixing the soft spot in the floor by replacing a section of the wood with a new piece of plywood. Outside, Lez is humming away staining the new shoe rack. What a trooper!

A busy day around the Schooner as more flooring has been put down, and staining the new shoe rack to replace the flimsy one we had. The day was a beauty, fresh air flowing through the RV, sunshine on the small bit of washing I had hanging on the clothes horse.

Lee was working hard all day at the flooring and it is looking so great! We picked up some baseboard for the main floor this evening. It will match either the off-white walls or the wood finished walls. More painting ahead.

We are both tired and will, no doubt, be in bed early! I have a sew day tomorrow at Ev's! It has been FAR too long ago since the last one.