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The co-pilot preferred to sleep on the job
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

So we took Hobbes with us in the truck today while the Schooner was being repaired. He spent the entire time either in his basket or the front passenger seat. On the upside, he caused us no panic the entire time.

One of the places we went to was our warm storage compartment we share with Alec. Oh boy, there is still a lot of our stuff in there. Now is not the time.

Today was also a day where we needed to make future appointments. We are going to the Yukon next year and hope to return south via Edmonton. As such, new appointments are being made for fall 2023. It's funny to watch someone on their computer when you ask for a date in September 2023. Whirr, whirr, whirr - the sound of their mouse scanning through months and months trying to get to September 2023.

We took a "break" today from reno's. The Schooner had issues with the electrical function for heating our water (I am so not techincal with all that). The propane function was working ok, but it is nice to have the electrical working too if need be. So the RV spent the day at Arrkann, the dealer we bought it from and it was all fixed up by the end of the day. Great service!

However, we had a confused kitty riding around town with us in the pickup all day. Hobbes does NOT like riding in the truck but we could not leave him in the RV. We had his basket in the truck, which he used, and he had his potty which he did not use. Nor did he "go" outside. By the time we got home (12 hours later) he was quite happy to use said potty again.

We took Hobbes outside several times as we travelled the city to various appointments and chores, but he would just walk back to the truck and on to the running board and in. He was content to stay in the truck - never left alone for long, and never with totally closed up windows. We would come back and find him asleep on the passenger seat of the truck.

We also had dinner with Alec, Mimi and little Kiki. Today I was the Fairy Godmother. OK! I gave her the little quilt I made just for her. She wrapped up and I got a kiss on the cheek and a big hug. Such a cutie.

When we picked up the RV, I ensured the tethering was re-done - two cabinets had opened as we travelled to the dealer and there were spools of thread all over the back. The cupboard that opened, has not opened before. However, the Anthony Henday freeway is terrible! And the back end bounced badly! We fished out a couple of spools from under one of the slides before they were slid back out after returning home.

I had the great experience of backing the Schooner into its place tonight - with Lee giving the directions. It appears to work way better than the other way around! I may become the docker!

Now safe and sound back on the acreage, and quite ready to call it a day. Next step - finish the flooring and put various pieces of furniture back in! The RV is looking less like and RV and more like a tiny home.