Out with the carpet     [Jun 8, 2022]

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How many staples did that carpet really need
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee was pulling old carpet out of the Schooner today. The guy (or gal) who installed at the factory had a hey day with the automatic nailer. Thanks a bunch!

What a day! We started with spraying a cleaner on the walls - TSP. Then wiping off with a clearn wet cloth. It was truly scary to see the grey water after one swipe! The 11 yr old RV has a lot of "stuff" hanging around. The shag carpet (in an RV!) is out the door. We will have the slide out to deal with, not yet sure how we will transition from slide out floor to main floor. We are up to the bedroom door frame (door is currently resting elsewhere) with two coats of the good paint.

We headed out to the UN NATO veterans for their Wing Night. It's been a year since the last time we saw them and we caught up with a couple of them.

We were sound asleep once heads hit the pillows! It was a hard work day that looks so good and fresh now.