No end to the painting     [Jun 7, 2022]

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It's always cheaper in Alberta
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee started out by running some errands around Sherwood Park. Price differences between BC and AB hit you wherever you look. Never mind the gas prices, Lee paid $25 for propane, compared to $43 in Parksville. Nuff said.

Next up, apply the primer to the kitchen area of the Schooner. Done.

Yesterday we received an email from a Netherlands couple we met and chatted with at Mt Robson in May! I had left our contact info on a wee business card with many, and this is one of few to connect! They were touring on a bus with several Dutch people. This week they are quarantined (day 4 of 5) in their hotel room in Victoria. They are hoping they can make their arrangements to head back home tomorrow. A couple of others on the trip came down with Covid once back home. Fortunately for us, we did not have any breakout of C.