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Medical and dental day
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

We drove through some very familiar territory today as we completed medical and dental appointments. Familiar, but not calling. We are done with that part of our lives.

Lee is always happy and amazed at the conversations we have as a family. The six of us had after supper DQ treats and washed them down with many laughs.

The alarm was set for 6 am - an hour I rarely see! However appointments filled the day starting at 8. We got our share of touring west Edmonton again and it looks like the LRT is going down 87 AV past West Edm Mall. The Valley Line West LRT is the result of a project started in December 2008 with studies underway for a West LRT line. In true committee fashion there was a decision to re-evaluate potential west routes once announced. Reading up on the processes up to now (the internet shares all) that route is going to be a mess for quite a few years yet! Glad we no longer live in the west end of Edmonton!

After the personal stuff we picked up the new flooring for the Schooner and found a cool backsplash for behind the stove top.

We ended our day with dinner at Aaron and Chris's, joined by Alec and Mimi. Another great evening of endless conversation and laughter. Lee and I snuck in our laundry courtesy A and C.