Sunday, blowy Sunday     [Jun 5, 2022]

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Our hosts were vacuuming their roof
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee removed the masking tape, installed the curtain rod clips and moved furniture back onto the big slide. Phew! Sort of looks the same as before, except the walls are lighter.

Lee's favourite software tool, Excel, was busy as he drew out a floor plan, measured the sections and determined we need 12 boxes of laminate planking. Buying those is tomorrow's business. Time to make a pizza.

The walls in the living room and dining space are now light off-white, curtains are re-hung. What a wonderful difference it makes. Now to find and assess what pictures we want to put back up! I am now really anxious to do the rest of the main floor and pull out the carpet and linoleum. Lee is measuring up just how much vinyl planking we will be needing. My sewing/craft table and cabinet drawers are sitting the shop and it's a good thing. I have been working on an embroidery table cloth (purchased in the Netherlands in 1972) and want to have it for our anniversary. SO - no excuse to finish it off.