Dogs on the firepit.     [Jun 9, 2022]

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Geez, the painting just doesn't end
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee decides this RV is made up of small pieces of wall, about a foot wide each, all needing to be taped off before painting. It's been a long haul but we can see the end.

Speaking of ends, we ended the evening cooking hot dogs with our hosts over their fire pit. A beautiful evening with nice weather and no wind. Even Hobbes wandered over to join us at one point.

SO much green tape! We should have chosen a dark brown - then we could leave it up! LOL - just kidding. As I taped, I found it interesting that some of the wood trim is actually wood grain mac-tac type of covering over what is an untreated piece of molding.

The transformation inside is wonderful! The light off-white colour on the walls is quite the brightener in here and looks great. Worth every penny and sore muscle.