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Hobbes was immediately at home
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

We left the Godzisz acreage at Oake Bay on Buck Lake and headed for Sherwood Park. Strange how gas prices work, but the pump price at Breton, where we filled up, was seven cents cheaper than around Edmonton. Go figure!

In due course we were moored at Port Ordze. We let Hobbes out for his first walk and we could tell that he knew where he was. Not long after he did his 'usual' loop through the acreage to, as Carolyn put it, check out his property. We are happy for him.

The month of June has arrived. We have been docked on friends' acreages or visiting friends close to the campgrounds we have been overnighting in since leaving Surfside RV Resort on Vancouver Island April 30th.

It is time for us to take a travelling break and give the Schooner some needed attention. After leaving Buck Lake and a great time docked at Shelley and Stan's property we docked back in the Edmonton area for a couple of weeks.We will visit with the boys and famlies. We have various celebrations happening and will be connecting with many friends in Edmonton and area for a good portion of June.

Hobbes is a super traveller. He does recognize where we are docked now - from previous stays. When we let him out he did a tour of the property and promptly came up the stairs to come in for food and a snooze. He is currently snoozing now - what a life. He just takes everything with a purr and a meow - aka where's dinner!