Burgers, popcorn and hockey     [May 31, 2022]

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Touring Buck Lake
Godzisz Cottage, Buck Lake AB

Lee suggests to Stan that he might come along as Stan takes his garbage to the local transfer station. Oake Bay does not have garbage pickup. So, off we go. First, the transfer staton south of Buck Lake community. Then, a stop for filling fuel tanks (Stan and Shelley have an array of gas driven toys). And finally, a tour through Buck Lake. It's a typical summer community on a lake on the prairies, although there are permanent residents too.

Later on, we have burgers with them and watch the sorry Oilers hockey game.

A quiet day and a perfect one to bring out an olde quilt project and work on it some more. The rock band Streetheart is the theme. Over the years we have taken hundreds of photos of the band, including their sound man/road manager Pete. Photos have been transferred to fabric prepared (treated) for colour printing. The non-photo fabric is filled with musical instruments and musical scores. I have more photos I would like to print including a photo of a setlist or two. We are hoping to meet up with a couple of musicians in the band when we are in Winnipeg this summer. The quilt will be wall-hanging - yes, there is a space in the RV that it should fit LOL.

We enjoyed burger bbq followed by watching the Oilers' loss on their TV. I brought over the popcorn popper so watching the game was like being at the game! A very relaxing way to spend a day at the lake. (Far too cold for swimming).