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Still lazy at Buck Lake
Godzisz Cottage, Buck Lake AB

It is very quiet here in Buck Lake. During the mid-week most people are not here. We spent most of the day cleaning the Schooner and getting ready for Stan and Shelley to join us for dinner. That went over very well and we finished the evening on their back deck.

We had quite a bit of heavy rain in the night, but as the day progressed, the skies cleared. Out of the wind the sun keeps us and the RV warm, but it cooled off as the evening approached even when the wind died down.

The day started with a good vacuuming and wiping down dusty cupboards of the Schooner. I finished off the placemats I started yesterday and gave them to Shelley and Stan after dinner.

We enjoyed Lee's pizza with our hosts at dinner in the Schooner this evening. More chatter and laughter and experiences to share. After dinner we took a walk to the lake shore. I passed on wandering the bouncy pier. But I did have the camera and snapped a couple of photos.

We settled in at their back porch, enjoying the warmth of the space heater and portable fire pit and more stories. The more we chatted, the more memories were shared as Shelley spent her younger years in Regina, lots of places to compare experiences. Longstanding friends from the old neighbourhood in Edmonton.

Now catching up on a couple of days of a few photos and gettng another good comfy sleep with smiles of a great day.