Enjoying the silence and blue skies     [May 29, 2022]

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Lazy at Buck Lake
Godzisz Cottage, Buck Lake AB

Lee decided it was time to fix the box cover on Chuck. One side rail had been sagging and it was time to re-align it. All done and the closure works fine now also.

Hobbes seems to like this place. He wanders (with some supervision) through the grass generally stopping to sniff everything he encounters. We are happy - he needs more exercise but it comes with watching him also. We take turns.

Well, lazy but not lazing around. We caught up on emails/correspondence. I decided to make a pair of placemats for Shelley and Stan and just enjoyed the quiet of a cool spring day at the lake without going anywhere. We joined our hosts at their cabin and enjoyed another dinner (porkchops - yum!) and settled into conversations until well into the night. Good thing their pathway is lit up! The day just seemed to whiz by.