Emptying out the Schooner     [Jun 2, 2022]

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Let's get right at it
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

We decided that painting the walls would be our first task, so we started by emptying out the main floor of the largest items. Some went into our hosts' shop and others are just outside the Schooner door. Then we removed the curtains and got ready to paint.

There are some maintenance items and some warranty work needed on the Schooner. PLUS - we are re-finishing the interior - taking out all the carpet and lino, replacing with laminate planking. We are painting the walls - and generally perking up the unit. Then off we go again - heading north and east into Sask again - planning a visit with friends along the way and into Manitoba.

We have basically moved our main floor items all into the tv/fireplace side of the unit and into the shop - opening space to reach all the walls with the big windows. Curtains are down, painting supplies picked up and we taped all around the windows and cabinets so that we can wash walls with TSP removing 13 years of unseen grime and then can primer the walls.