Staying with Godzisz     [May 28, 2022]

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Moored at Buck Lake
Godzisz Cottage, Buck Lake AB

Lee says good-bye to the pot holed streets of Edson. We then head east to Buck Lake to spend some time with our friends, Stan and Shelley Godzisz. The last 15 kilometers are a challenge as the gravel road seems eternally washboarded. But we make it and we are soon moored in their driveway.

We spend the afternoon and evening with them, enjoying a nice meal and many great stories.

WOW! Alberta Blue skies in Edson from horizon to horizon! Off to Buck Lake. Along the way we saw a large herd of Bighorn sheep along Hwy 16.

Skies clouded up a bit the closer we got to Buck Lake, and the air is cool, but it all feels good out here. It was great to catch up with one of the "Ladies Night - Macarena" girls over a BBQ chicken as we enjoyed with them. Their cottage is very nice - a busy place for them with grandchlidren and families also enjoying the place. All is quiet for them at the moment, but will be busy as soon as school is out. Hobbes is exploring but not straying too far as we still keep an eye on his snooping. He seems to check out around the RV, follows up on a smell or two and then heads back to the RV steps to go inside.