Bouncing through Edson     [May 27, 2022]

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Leaving the Rockies
Edson Lions Campground

Lee was up at a decent hour to prepare for take-off, er, leaving. We were gone by 11 am and drove the entire distance to Edson without stopping.

The biggest problem emerging on our Schooner is the difficulty in loading fresh waster. It can only be dribbled in and seems to stop at about the 50% full point. At that point it just blows back on the intake. It would seem that the vent line is plugged or kinked somewhere. Another chore for Port Ordze.

Off we go - Edson AB bound, a trip along Hwy 16 we have traversed many times. This time many Bighorn sheep, including a herd of possibly 20 along the way.

The roads in Edson are disgusting. We have never been quite so shook up inside the Schooner since before we properly tethered. Nothing broken, but one back cupboard opened! Contents did not fall out.

We settled into the Lions RV Park and headed into Edson for groceries. It had rained by the time we were finished shopping and got into the RV before it really came down briefly, a loud thundercloud and on and off drizzle. I'm looking for a recipe for the steak so Lee doesn't have to go out in the rain to BBQ. We are warm, dry and comfy. All's well.