The Duffey Lake Road     [May 13, 2022]

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Chuck works his brakes off
Cayoose Campground, Lillooet BC

Lee notes the amazing difference in weather one day makes. Late last night it was pouring rain in Squamish and at the end of today we are in sunny T-shirt weather in Lillooet. Getting to that sunshine was quite an effort, though.

The Duffey Lake Road is the paved highway 99 alternate to the Coquihalla, Fraser Canyon or Crowsnest highway to get you from the coast to the interior. Our hop from Squamish to Lillooet is about 180 kilometers. It consists of hundreds of turns and steep grades. The final grade into Lillooet is ten kilometers of 13% grade downhill. Halfway down, Chuck's front brakes were smoking. A short stop and we gently glided into Lillooet. Even with the engine braking assist, this was stressful.

This has got to have been the most tiring day of driving for Lee. The twists and turns were never ending, and a lot of hair pin turns, not all having a wide turn. I didn't stitch an inch today, keeping extra eyes on the road. We both caught a late afternoon snooze. er. make that all three of us - Hobbes got quite a bumpy ride too, I am guessing, in his basket on the bed.

The skies cleared the closer we got to Lillooet - sunshine and warmth! The evening cooled off quickly, but it was not cold.

We chatted with a couple from Germany who were camped across the road from us. This is their 32nd time visiting Canada! and have spent many a vacation out here on the west coast. We have parted thinking ya never know if we will meet again. I did leave them with our info card. Here's hoping!

We ended our day with popcorn and a download movie - an old Jack Ryan/Harrison Ford in Patriot Games. A good day.