Enough of the rain already     [May 12, 2022]

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Another day, another ferry
Klahanie RV Park, Sechelt BC

What do we know, apparently a lot of people travel from Gibsons to Vancouver. We got to the Langdale ferry terminal as they were loading the 11 am ferry and we were the almost last ones on the 1 pm ferry. A nice two hour wait to chat, stitch and use the laptop.

So we get to Klahanie RV Park and the first thing Lee notices is that there a lot of 'collector' cars sitting around going rusty. The gravel paths between trees are a bit tight but we pull over to one of their premium sites with a view of Squamish Inlet. Of course it is raining cats and dogs and we can barely see the water. Getting the Schooner into this site was a bit more frustrating than yesterday. Turning room for Chuck is at a premium as he goes back and forth to nudge the Schooner in.

So this is 75 bucks for a 30 amp site with questionable water pressure and no sewer at the site. Apparently they have a central sewer drop which is another ten bucks if you want to use it. And the rain continues. We decide immediately that we will stay the night, not disconnect and get out of Dodge first thing in the morning. What a disappointment.

Well, it's a good thing I have my embroidery project with me to stay awake. The ferry crossings are slowly losing their lustre. I used to stand outside along the railing for the entire crossings, but now it's find a comfy inside chair with a view of that outside railing while I stitch without the bumps even a good road has. Also, note to anyone using the Langdale to Horseshoe Bay ferry from now until winter be advised to reserve.

Except for today's pouring rain causing any geographical landmark to disappear, we have had some pretty spectacular views of ocean and shore and mountains and forests as we travel. This country is beyond huge and truly uninhabited. Out here is quite the opposite of the prairies - in colour, in curve vs strait and the lack of prairie towns 12 km apart. There are a million shades, tones and tints of green out here; the prairies have waves of a yellow.

Highway signs are warning throughout the forest highways to beware of bear, or be prepared for bear and deer crossing. The bear icon is on signs that say "Beware, I cross here". So far we saw the back end of a black coloured bear disappearing into the forest. That is a good thing, I am thinking.

We are safely docked, warm, able to eat, enjoy wine with dinner, coffee with dessert. Just not sure we'll have enough water pressure for a shower in the morning. Ah well, we can drive with a window open. oh - maybe not - it's supposed to rain tomorrow on our trails.