Vegging in Lillooet     [May 14, 2022]

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Chores galore
Cayoose Campground, Lillooet BC

We got into the chores mode right after breakfast. Lee went off with the laundry and Lez de-frosted the fridge. Then it was a chore to clean out the BBQ and to make some prepared food for Hobbes. After that, well, we took a load off our feet because we were pooped. Satisfied with our work, but pooped.

Today was the chores day! Yes, defrosting - and it wasn't as bad as usual, the freezer flanges were not as covered as they have been in past defrosts. Helps if I don't wait a whole six months. GRIN. Little things here and there got a wee cleaning detail too.

Meanwhile, Hobbes was not interested in taking mom for a walk - it's just not the same without dad. LOL. We enjoyed a BBQ dinner, hoping that the wind will abate this evening and we can actually enjoy a firepit! First time we had screen door letting in the fresh air unil about 4 this afternoon since - I can't remember. Yesterday high was 18C, night was 8C.

We were in touch with Lee's cousin Pete in 108 Mile Ranch area. Our next stop will be close to their place.

We ended the day with a nice firepit and even Hobbes joined us in his chair.