BBQ'ing the rain     [May 11, 2022]

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Dry camping in the rain
Willingdon Beach Campground, Powell River BC

Lee concludes there are no available sites at RV Parks on the Sunshine Coast. We finally decide to try dry camping at a provincial park campground. It seems we are quite lucky because the park has over 100 sites and there are about six or seven listed as available. All the others have a reserved card on the site number post. We decide on what seems the best of the bunch and slowly back and forth the Schooner into the site. There are gulleys, trenches, ditches and slopes all around the site so we have to be careful not to put any of the wheels on either unit off the gravel. Apparently the Schooner is a little long for the site because the back end droops over into the downward slope such that the back bumper is about six feet in the air.

Lee thinks the dry camping adventure (in the rain) is quite successful. The batteries seem to hold their 12 volt power, we are using the on-board water supply and when we decided to use some 120 volt power the generator worked quite well. Lee even BBQ'd in the rain.

Today's adventure was an interesting docking in the campsite. On the map it looks like an easy drive past the site entrance and do a turn back in. We are getting good at that LOL - Lee is getting good at that. However, just for excitement there are 3 foot drop offs as road ditches, and they are very close to the point of turning into the site. OK, not everyone has 37 feet to dock. Add another 20 feet of truck and it was almost a twister.

We are settled in safe and sound. However adventures continue - as the Man tries to book tomorrow's new docking site adventures. Hobbes took dad out for a walk to take in the fresh forest air.