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Memories of PRGH
Willingdon Beach Campground, Powell River BC

Lee had a lot of memories brought up as we toured The Powell River Old Townsite (downtown Powell River is known as Westview). There was the motel where he spent so many nights, the Rodmay Hotel where he always ate breakfast, and an empty lot where the old Powell River General Hospital once stood. And then memories of people he worked with - Gerry Joyce the Administrator, Jeannie, Snookie, Elaine and many more. After 35 years, almost all of it is memories - buildings and people are gone.

We had a nice stop at the end of Highway 101 in Lund (total length over 15,000 km from Lund to someplace in the south of Chile). Still so quiet and quaint. We had a nice lunch in the Boardwalk Restaurant where you need to walk a long boardwalk to get there. Great views of the Lund Marina.

After coming home, Lee took Hobbes for a walk, or the other way around. He's cautious and inquisitive all rolled up in one. Just ask the cat and dogs he noticed.

Willingdon RV and campground - well sheltered but up against their highway. There is also work being done on the sites a little further in - and we are stationed at an entrance site - number 2. A wee bit noisy as we are awakened with the work trucks.

However, we are comfy, slept well, toured the old haunts and saw so much has changed. We did manage to find a source of some embroidery thread so dearly needed to complete that table cover with the June deadline. Good ol' Walmart. We are not in the boonies. We wandered a boardwalk in Lund that led to a restaurant and enjoyed a couple of west coast sea food dishes. It is very quiet at the moment, but as can be expected, we learn from locals that the area is a zoo in the summer months. Not so far away. It will be an interesting summer for them here - as we noticed several closures due to short staffing - now when it is quiet.

We were able to open windows and let a fresh cool breeze through the RV during the day. Hobbes took Lee for a long walk, encountered dogs, flipped them a tail and protected dad. LOL. I got the meow by moew report. I spent time catching up with culling and editing photos.

The Man is busy cooking up a storm - so I should go poke my nose in and see if a sous-chef is needed.