Leaving the Island     [May 9, 2022]

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We went to catch a ferry and an air show broke out
Willingdon Beach Campground, Powell River BC

Lee notes that Lez did get up at a reasonable hour so as to go out and see the Snowbirds. Nope. Just some parachute testing on the base. So, we head back, pack up the Schooner and head for the Powell River Ferry. We have lots of time to wait so we put out the lawn chairs behind the Schooner in the ferry line-up (we are the 3rd car there) and enjoy the sun. Then we hear that familiar drone in the distance. Sure enough, we are treated to the Snowbirds practicing overhead (for what seemed like an hour or more).

At the ferry terminal we run into a Dutch couple visiting Westen Canada. A chance for Lez and I to practice our Dutch, even though they speak English.

After the crossing (more Snowbird practice maneuvers as we cross), we check in to the campground. It doesn't take long to determine this is a less than satisfactory place. All the services work, but hooking them up is a strange and difficult process.

All is well in the end.

Lez is just thrilled - watching the Snowbirds performing - ok - they were practicing - and we were a most appreciative audience. Wish I had the settings set properly on the camera! Ah well, we got to see them and it was a SUPER exercise. Bonus, a solo performane of a Snowbird with the mountiains of the mainland behind him or her as we were crossing on the ferry to our next destination - Powell River. It has been a very long time since we have been out there - it was the mid-80's.

We set up our lawn chairs at the back of the Schooner in the sunshine. Have we mentioned yet that there is really is sunshine out here What a beautiful clear sky day - as we leave. Hmmmm. But the winds off the water were pretty cool, so I ended up sitting in the truck, window open a bit. I am diligently working on a table cover - a challenge to have it complete for our 50th coming up in June.

As vehicles slowly starting arriving, I heard a familiar accent in the car that stopped beside us. Yes, a Dutch couple, the same age as us, and after much conversation that carried onward on the ferry, we learn they have been travelling the world. I left her with a "business card" contact info. This will surely be an instance of NOT mispelling Zwaal! It was fun to practice my Dutch too!

We are settled in the Willingdon campground - something that did not exist back in the day. We no longer have contact with anyone who we knew back then, but have great memories. At that time, I would join or travel with Lee as he programmed their accounting package for their computer. That hospital is no longer there! Time marches on.