Leaving the pot holes behind     [May 8, 2022]

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Broom in bloom
Cape Lazo RV Resort, Comox BC

Lee says good-bye and good-riddance to the very pot holed road into Cluxewe RV Resort. They need a grader very badly.

We had an uneventful trip from Port McNeill to Comox, stopping at the start to fill Chuck's fuel tank. Ouch! 209.9!

We settled into Cape Lazo RV Park and enjoyed the afternoon sun (and warmth). Not long after, we were treated to an air show - the CF-18 from Comox AFB (located a couple of clicks away) was practicing right above us. We were told that the Snowbirds practice at 9:00 am. I guess we are getting up early.

A quiet day, driving to settle into the Cape Lazo RV Resort. Have I mentioned Lee has done all the driving (ok, I did a little bit one day on the prairies). SOOOO thankful he is driving. It is quite a large RV and corners can be pretty sharp! A snooze after the haul is well-earned!

As is the case today, most of the sites we stay at are very quiet. We are noticing more resorts hold many permanent RV's. The folks are living at the sites, not moving daily or weekly or yearly. We are finding people who also started out in Edmonton, or the prairies. LOL we also notice that as the "newbie" of the day, we have an audience as we dock, and there is always one or two who offer their advice to Lee on how he should be backing into a site. The two of us are getting better at the communication - but it is still is a challenge, mostly when the electrical post is close to being touched and when I turn to wave to Lee, the truck is out of sight - as the RV is turned blocking his view through the side mirrors. Always fun - in quotations!

Once settled, a harnessed Hobbes comes out to check the site - right underneath the Schooner to the other side from the door. Today we have Aurora the dog next door. She wants to greet Hobbes, apparently she loves cats - but all Hobbes did was give a hearty Hiss! We enjoyed our evening coffee in the lawn chairs. A good day.