Telegraph Cove     [May 7, 2022]

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Burls and coves
Cluxewe Resort, Port McNeill BC

As we enter Telegraph Cove, Lee thinks it looks like a tourist trap. After some time wandering along the piers and walkways he determines that, yes, it is a tourist trap. However, the history is nice to read and the harbour is quaint. Many of the tiny buildings along the harbour are built on stilts and most are from the 20's to 50's. They are also colourfully painted.

On our way home, we pass through Port McNeill and pick up some local beer at the craft brewery. They only come in 64 oz growlers, so that is what we take with us. We also pop over to the edge of town to see the world's largest burl. It came from a 530 year -old Sitka Spruce harvested near Holberg. It weighs 22 tons!

Well, I started to write the daily blog, and as I wrote, the fireplace stopped. It didn't take long to determine the microwave wasn't operating. We've had a power outage. As Lee went out to investigate, he found the power was out for the whole RV resort. It was 11 pm. Off to bed! I happened to be up for a wee wiz at 1:30 am when it came back on! Fortunately, our refrigerator automatically switches to propane, so nothing melted or thawed. Add another adventure in the Roads Less Gravelled.

The adventures today included a visit to Telegraph Cove. Tourist trap looking yes, but filled with the history of the area. A set of photos were taken of the various info boards of the buildings and houses, which included the Air Force Mess Hall, the Sawmill, the Bunkhouse, the Ice House and a few other interesting sights. The houses are colourful, not all allow viewing at this time. One building houses the skeletons of many of the ocean mammals and fish. A MOST interesting display. A must to see.

The burls we photographed are hard to believe the trees were so old!

The beer is pretty good too! Goes well with the pita chips I made after we returned to the Schooner.